Fun-raiser April 25th, 2015 7 – 10 p.m.

A party to raise funds for our peace and healing teams to Nicaragua. (The next team travels from August 13-23, 2015.) Live music begins with Bronson Hoover on jazz piano and features the Hollow Prophets, a classic rock band. Drinks available for tips or bring your own bottle. Co-sponsored by Sandy Spring Friends Peace Committee, Pro-Nica & Just Peace Circles, Inc.  Venue:  Eden Valley- in the woods of Howard County, MD, just west of Columbia, less than an hour from Washington or Baltimore. Contact Bette for more info at 202-329-4667.

“It is much easier to begin a war than to end it.  And even more difficult to repair the invisible consequences, those stains on the soul that can never be erased.” Carlos Powell, a Nicaraguan writer

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