Healers and peacebuilders travel to Nicaragua

A team of 6 healers traveled to Nicaragua from Maryland in the US for 10 days in August. The group learned about the country and its history, practiced the ministry of presence and led two retreats.  Staff of the partners of ProNica (see http://www.pronica.org) were invited to participate in the retreats.  The workshops included community building, trauma healing awareness and hands on healing. About 60 people participated in the two workshops – one in Managua and the other near Matagalpa.

Repairing the damage and building resiliency among those working for social justice is essential for peace building anywhere.  It’s especially important in Nicaragua where people have been buffeted by wars, poverty, earthquakes and storms for many generations.  Those who labor on the front-lines are invaluable in transforming the scars of multiple traumas into positive change for individuals and communities.  Their work with marginalized people, street children and victims of violence is honorable – and stressful.  Our workshops/ retreats were offerings to help keep the leadership strong of body, mind and spirit.  So their organizations can continue their amazing work.

The team was led by Bette Rainbow Hoover, a healer, peace builder and workshop facilitator.  The five women who accompanied her included a registered nurse, two acupuncturists, a yoga teacher, massage therapist and an anthropologist.  Presentations about the work of the delegation are scheduled for

September 18, 2015 at Eden Valley in Howard County, MD

October 24, 2015 at 7:30 at Sandy Spring Monthly Meeting (Quakers)

Call us at 202-329-4667 for more information.




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