Love over Hate Rally 8/20/17

Love over Hate – Statements and prayers made by speakers at a Rally in Montgomery Co, MD on Sunday, August 20th at Cedar Lane Unitarian Church

We declare inclusivity and say no to all systems of white supremacy!
We call on all public officials to call out any white supremacists that continue to give it credibility.
We put aside any petty differences and buy into a larger agenda of love over hate.
We stand against hateful speech and actions now and forever.
May the power of love descend on our broken hearts.
Only love can conquer hate!
We declare no darkness will come to this place of Light and Life.
We will confront hatred wherever it emerges.
We need to risk our comfort and privilege and wander into the wilderness together.
White America – you can no longer stand on the side and enjoy your white privilege.
We all need to challenge those closest to us – our family and friends and neighbors.
It’s important to show up! We need to outnumber the far right 1000 to one.
We have a sacred obligation to fight racism.
(Charlottesville was a symptom of a sore that has not healed.)
What affects one of us affects all of us. We need to hold each others’ hands.
We seek God’s guidance that all may be well.
We are stronger together! Love wants justice for all!
Are we preaching to the choir?? Perhaps the choir isn’t singing loudly enough!!
It’s not Right or Left – it’s right or wrong.

Om Shanti Om



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