Peacemakers have a love of justice, a thirst for peace and know a better world is possible.  At JPC, we teach peace AND practice living sustainably AND  offer healing for our woundedness.

Peace Circles are based on restorative practices that build on ancient and indigenous models from around the world.   In workshops using popular education modalities, we listen deeply to where the words come from and tap into the knowledge, experience and insights of everyone in the circle.  We offer an analysis of trauma and methodologies for healing.  Trauma not transformed is trauma transferred and we want to do our part to transform trauma into healing – so the next generations may live.

Coming together in circle is catching on- making hierarchy passe.



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  1. Dear Bette I would like to connect with the organization where I am working know. I will introduce a little about you this afternoon. I hope to see you soon.

    Rosa Argentina

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