Our Facilitators

Bette Rainbow Hoover

oIMG_0952 Bette Rainbow Hoover has been a circle keeper and group facilitator for many years.  She founded Just Peace Circles, Inc in 2007 to continue her work for peace with justice.  Just Peace Circles, Inc is a founding member of the Circle of Restorative Initiatives of Maryland www.crimaryland.org.  The coalition organizes bi-annual conferences on restorative justice and initiates programs in communities, schools and prisons.

Bette directed the Washington, DC (local) office of the American Friends Service Committee www.afsc.org for more than a decade.  She set up literacy and empowerment programs for women and taught conflict resolution to teens. She organized protests for causes of social justice, took part in acts of civil disobedience and led nonviolence and consensus building workshops for activists. Bette provided training in The Listening Project www.listeningproject.org as a tool for community organizing, led Alternatives to Violence workshops in maximum security prisons and Help Increase the Peace projects in inner city schools.  She served on the board of the Washington Peace Center www.washingtonpeacecenter.org where she received an award for outstanding service.

As a participant of the Friends Peace Teams, Bette traveled to Burundi in East Africa and to Indonesia www.fpt.org.   In Honduras and Nicaragua, she has worked with victims of rape and torture.  In the Middle East, JPC worked with BUSTAN www.bustan.org to support the Bedouins in the Negev. Several decades earlier Bette was a founder of CASA de Maryland www.casademaryland.org in solidarity with people caught in conflicts and wars in Central America and elsewhere. Partnering with http://www.pronica.org she takes teams of peacemakers and healers to Nicaragua at least annually.  The group facilitates retreats for the staff of ProNica’s partners to build resiliency and prevent burnout.

Bette is a facilitator of circles, mediator, healer, registered nurse, massage therapist, yoga teacher, mom and mema (grandmother).  Her spiritual practices are based on earth and indigenous wisdom and the light within.  She is a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), has served as Clerk of the Sandy Spring Monthly Meeting, represented the Baltimore Yearly Meeting at the International Gathering of Friends in Peru (January 2016) and serves on various committees.   bette@justpeacecircles.org

Hannah Gresser


Hannah has always been a helper and healer at heart. She began volunteering at a young age helping mentally handicapped peers at her middle school. She taught life skills throughout high school and received an award and scholarship in her senior year.

In 2011, she received a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland. She moved to California and began to study and practice yoga as she continued her pursuit of working with the body to heal the mind.  Soon she received a 200 hour certification in multidisciplinary yoga and now teaches yoga throughout the area to many populations.  Hannah has a regular daily practice that she loves to share with others.  She is currently a student at Potomac Massage Training Institute and will graduate in February, 2017, to become a certified massage therapist.

Hannah works with Just Peace Circles both in the  Washington metro area and internationally in Nicaragua. She actively contributes to many aspects of the powerful work JPC implements throughout the world.  She lives in Dayton, Maryland and is aunt of three lovely children. 

Nicole Gabriella Hatch volunteered in a family homeless shelter as a teen, worked as a Social Worker and Community Organizer and later committed to the life-long study of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. She explores & interweaves various healing modalities into her healing practice that includes meditation and breathing techniques, NIA (neurological integrative action-Dance), Qigong and Chakra balancing. Nikki has a deep love and respect for the medicinal power of spoken word/poetry/and music in speaking truth to power and working for social justice. She works with and learns from diverse populations that include warriors within the prison system, wise sages dancing with chronic mental illness and addictions, survivors of torture & trauma and the sheer resiliency of refugees and asylum seekers in the Greater DC area. She has traveled with Just Peace Circles to Nicaragua and co-facilitates Circles for Trauma Healing wherever she is invited.


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