A little about Circle Processes…

The Circle Process ~ some benefits of using circles: 

  • Circles provide for equitable power sharing
  • Circles allow quiet voices to be heard
  • Circles nurture the emergence of leadership
  • Circles encourage problem solving by consensus building
  • Circles help build a safe space
  • Circles provide a place for people to build relationships
  • Circles provide an opportunity to explore issues more deeply
  • Circles help people step up and take responsibility for their stuff
  • Circles are an effective organizing tool
  • Circle ritual transcends the ordinary and mundane

~ and sometimes magic happens!

Circles can be used:

  • Anytime three or more people gather
  • To open or close a gathering
  • To clear the air when there is controversy
  • To build consensus and come to cooperative decision making
  • To move a group towards action

Ideas for the Circle Keeper:

  • Introduce a talking piece (stone, ball, stuffed animal, etc.)
  • Give clear directions to increase the likelihood of success
  • Start with a low risk question that builds a foundation of shared values
    • The Circle Keeper responds to the question first.
  • Give people the opportunity to pass during the first go-around
  • Pass the talking piece around the circle the second time
  • Suspend the use of the talking piece for brainstorming or facilitated discussion.  Return to its use as needed.
  • The shape of the circle does matter – everyone needs to be able to see everyone
  • Circle Keeping is simple – but it isn’t easy!

Just do it!  

Just Peace Circles, Inc. 2010

Holiday House Party & Fun(d)raiser

Celebrate the Season with us on Saturday, December 7th from 5 – 8 p.m. in Howard County, MD. Live music with jazz keyboardist, Bronson Hoover, and folk duo, Harry Walker & Janet Griffin.  Handcrafts for sale to benefit Mayan and local women.  Beverages and food available.  Children are welcome.

Suggested donation:  $10.00  Let us know you are coming –  info@justpeacecirclesorg

Peace Circles Training

Howard Community College, Columbia, Maryland on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 from 6:45 – 8:30 p.m.  Sponsored by the Mediation and Conflict Resolution Center for mediators and others.

Welcome to Just Peace Circles, Inc

Welcome to Just Peace Circles!

Peace circles are ancient to the future and relevant in the present.

We come together in circles to seek peace and to celebrate, for healing and community building.  Together we seek to understand trauma and what is needed to heal ourselves, our wounded communities and our world.

Circle keepers facilitate the process to discover shared values, ask the right questions and guide participants towards appropriate actions.

Circling up is catching  on – making hierarchy passé!

~Just Peace  Circles, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization~